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« on: August 11, 2020, 04:23:38 AM »

yes, December 12th will see a further General Election but is the Labour Party stranglehold on Salford about to be loosened? not really but some parties have already declared candidates to have a go, a lot easier to follow. Here's the list so far.

Salford and simply Eccles

right MP, Rebecca the long term Bailey, Hasn't spoken with the Salford Star in eons, Despite declaring the week before she first got elected in 2015: "Yeah I think it's sad that others aren't taking to you because, Irrespective of the kind of coverage this type of person going to get, At the end of the day it is necessary for local politicians to be held to account whether it's good publicity or bad publicity, (See in this)

Mmmm, So there's been no telecommunications from Ms Long Bailey as she builds her national career, But she did write to a local constituent this week, Breathlessly praoclaiming that, "including 12.01am on saturday 6 November 2019, Parliament will be dissolved and from that moment in time I shall no longer be your Member of Parliament and instead I shall be the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Salford and Eccles Constituency in the impending General Election as the Labour Party candidate,

Up against the Labour MP, Who has a whopping greater part of almost 20,000, are really.

Green function Bryan Blears

A nephew of former time MP Hazel Blears, Bryan tells the moldavian girls Salford Star that within the last few year he's been "meeting with communities across Salford who aren't happy with the direction our city is travelling in. We are enduring a lack of affordable housing, deterioration poverty in our town centres, a rise in knife crime, And traffic and pollution problems all around the city,

If decided, He adds in which it "I will ensure that the residents waiting for dangerous moldova brides cladding to be replaced on Salford's tower blocks have to wait no longer, Will speak up for many more NHS and Council funding, and "Act to reverse the effects of man made global warming and reshape our economy to put people before corporate greed,

Liberal dems Jake Overend

A former student at the higher educatoin institutions of Salford, Jake tells how: "Salford has been my home since I started as well as college here, So I am thrilled air everyday offer people here a real, Liberal another, As well as giving people the option of voting for a party that unquestionably wants to stop Brexit.

"We have seen first hand the damage a no deal Brexit can and will do to communities like Salford, And by running in this election we are giving people the opportunity to firmly oppose this disastrous outcome,

Brexit shindig Matt Mickler

matt, workers,who are your employees in the recruitment industry and lives in Prestwich, tells how: "I believe that in the interest of our democracy, the actual end result of the Brexit vote must be respected. we'd like a clean break Brexit. We need more jobs and I would encourage start up companies and empower small and local entrepreneurs in the constituency. There is a desperate need for cheaper and social housing in the area and that is something I would campaign for,

conservative Party

No press releases as yet from the Salford Tories but they are not great at speaking to the Salford Star either.

Liberal democrats Joe Johnson Tod

putting up for sale, A 19 year old student from Salford university or college is taking on the veteran MP, And portrays this as "One of the most important elections in recent history.

"Politics in the UK is broken at the present we have Boris Johnson's bumbling, Hard right Conservatives on one side and Jeremy Corbyn's incompetent, Scandal hit Labour on the other guitar. Jo Swinson's Lib Dems are a progressive alternative and I am proud to say that I can provide a strong voice for local residents.